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Surety, Security, Sustainability, and Affordability



Goods on location and on time

A supply chain requires predictability far more than speed.  Giving purchasing managers the ability to specify when parts arrive at the factory without worrying about disruptions such as traffic jams, weather or infrastructure allows them to plan with precision.


Valuable cargo losses reduced

High-value cargo benefits from minimal modal transitions.  Anumá airships, with true vertical take-off and landing and long range can transport goods directly from source to destination without any change of custody.


A lower carbon footprint

Anumá's solar-electric airships are completely energy independent and their lift is provided by partial vacuum rather than expensive and non-renewable helium, meaning they use zero fossil fuels, zero non-renewable lifting gas, and produce zero emissions. 


Lowered operational costs

By eliminating fuel costs we've eliminated a huge chunk of operating expenses and minimized machinery maintenance costs.  By using vacuum lift we've also eliminated the need for expensive helium.

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