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At Anumá Aerospace, we're building solar-electric, vacuum-lift aerostats and airships capable of true vertical take off and landing (VTOL), nearly unlimited range and endurance, and zero emissions.


We envision a world where the true promise of globalization can be achieved with environmentally-conscious, sustainable and efficient air transportation.


Our airships can bring surety, security and sustainability to the global supply chain, while providing access to underserved and otherwise inaccessible communities. Our persistent aerostats can provide high altitude platforms (HAPS) for all types of long duration Intelligence, Sensing, Reconnaissance and Communications missions.

We're building an innovative, lean, AS9100D-certified manufacturing organization utilizing the latest additive manufacturing and automation technologies in combination with the industry-recognized best practices of 5S, Six Sigma, and Kaizen continuous improvement for our people, processes, products, and services. We believe our focus on quality will allow Anumá Aerospace to efficiently manufacture our innovative, dependable, and safe aircraft.

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