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Our mission is to lift aviation to new heights of sustainability.

We envision a world where the true promise of globalization can be achieved with environmentally-conscious, sustainable and efficient air transportation.

Our airships can bring surety, security and sustainability to the global supply chain, while providing access to underserved and otherwise inaccessible communities.

We're building an innovative, lean, AS9100D-certified manufacturing organization utilizing the latest additive manufacturing and automation technologies in combination with the industry-recognized best practices of 5S, Six Sigma, and Kaizen continuous improvement for our people, processes, products, and services. We believe our focus on quality will allow Anumá Aerospace to efficiently manufacture our innovative, dependable, and safe aircraft.

Above the Clouds
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Co-founder and CEO


Diana is a computer scientist with over thirty years of experience walking into new business domains, rapidly assessing needs and requirements, then designing and delivering elegant solutions to complex problems.  She's a systems thinker with the ability to see and communicate the holistic big picture and architect systems that successfully address both near and long-term needs.  She's worked with myriad industries, including enterprise applications, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, logistics and supply chain.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, music, walking, running, hiking, kayaking, camping, cooking, and crochet.

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