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Our modular airship system was designed with a maximum width of 76 meters, so as to integrate seamlessly into existing air cargo processing facilities. Our VTOL capabilities, however, also give them the ability to operate in and out of unimproved fields. Our capacious cargo bays are capable of carrying large, bulky equipment. Large, on-board solar arrays and batteries provide all the necessary power for day and night operations, giving them nearly unlimited range and endurance. Anumá's patent pending vacuum lift cells provide static lift for reaching and maintaining altitude with little energy expenditure, and without the need for expensive helium lifting gas. Those same vacuum lifting cells have the additional advantage of being self-ballasting, i.e., providing zero static lift on the ground, making ground handling safer, less complicated, and less expensive than helium airships. All three of our initial models share the same nose and tail sections, with only the center fuselage section extended to accommodate additional lifting cells and longer cargo bays.

Please note that specifications listed here are based on preliminary designs and are subject to change. Performance numbers are estimates and subject to change.

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