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The world has clogged arteries.

Recent news of a giant container ship run aground across the Suez Canal and blocking one of the world's most critical shipping routes caused me to shake my head. This is on top of the prior week's news of a major "traffic jam" at the Los Angeles port and the news I've been reading and listening to all year about the way first President Trump's tariffs, and then the pandemic has thrown the world's supply chain into disarray.

We at Anumá Aerospace were already keenly aware of how fragile the world's arterial health was. The hub and spoke model plus Just-In-Time manufacturing practices and "fast fashion" type of commerce moving into all retail arenas can be a marvel of efficiency, but only if everything goes right, every day.

Adding airships to the transport modes available will go a long way towards alleviating the blockage. Like doing a bypass on a heart, airships can move cargo point to point, avoiding the congested waterways, ports, roads and bridges.

We have a ways to go before you'll start seeing Anumá in the skies above, but we hope you can imagine the possibilities with us!

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